The Anime Pig will focus on all things anime. The primary focus will be reviews and previews but I will do what I can to keep things fresh. I will also try and post my ‘top lists’ for each season and, well, I will try my best.

I grew up in the abandoned Tanzanian rainforest with nary a leaf to cover my particulars until one day the great God above came down and said- cover it up; no-one wants to see that. I covered up and quickly became somewhat of a Tanzanian icon and I was selected as ambassador of naturism and was shipped off to Brazil. There, I was injected with Coca-Cola and became the new mascot for the brand. And now, I have a blog. That wraps it up nicely and probably tells you all you need to know… Delusion over; information begins.

Some of you will look at my reviews and will say I score things to highly. Well, let me explain. I see 5 as average, and as I have a quite open mind, I tend to believe the majority of shows are better than average. For a show to get a score worse than 5, there has to be fundamentally wrong with it to directly affect my enjoyment- such as awful animation, a convoluted story or a particularly distasteful subject matter. So, unless you literally just show me a goat pen with un-animated goats (see Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart Episode 6 and you will see what I mean), I am unlikely to give any episode a 1, let alone a whole series.

I am a big fan of Slice of Life shows and moe girl shows and there is a slight bias in my scoring that reflects this. This being said, considering I watch all genres and that I base a score solely on how much I enjoy a single episode and how the mitigating factors affect this enjoyment. I like One Piece and 91 Days as much as I like Kiniro Mosaic and Yuru Yuri and it varies from show to show.

In all seriousness, the reviews are my personal opinion- if you like something I don’t, that is fine. Please, by all means tell me what you think and even why I am wrong. I actively invite your comments just try and keep it fairly clean. I love anime and want to share my love with you all.  I will try to keep it light with injections of humour; well, I find it funny at least. Please, enjoy and if you have any issues, send an email using the form below. よろしくお願いします!