Change of Plans


I started this blog a month ago and well, I think I was a tad ambitious with what I could actually achieve. As someone studying Japanese, a lot of my time is already taken up through studying and the added stress of this on top has already taken its toll. I could just do less on here but that would actually defeat the object I began the site for. I have come to the realisation that I am not actually doing anything new or do anything that is actually worth reading. To be honest, I am not actually enjoying it in the slightest so I believe, as it is a new year (and my birthday in fact, yay), I will focus on Japanese and leave this site alone to fester.  I simply do not have the time or know-how to make the site something I can be proud of. I mean, I have not actually enjoyed doing any of this since I started and I was very naive when I first thought up this ‘master plan’ 2 and a bit months ago.

I had all these ideas but you see, they are impossible for one person alone and I am no monster. Once I go back to work on the 8th , my time will be stretched even further and I am not going to make myself ill trying to do something that has such a small chance of succeeding. I had these big plans of becoming an independent blogger and making money like this, but it was an ambitious pipe dream from the start and as someone who rarely sticks anything through to the end, I think this was too much for me to start with. I lack the writing ability or blog creating ability and especially the social networking ability to turn this into something I can be proud of. But most importantly, I want some free time… I like to go big or go home and unfortunately, I will be going home this time.


I think it is better if I enjoy watching anime and leave the writing about it to the real pro’s- the one’s who actually know what they’re talking about. The site will stay up and running until December and there may be the odd update, but for now at least, it is a fond farewell. I know it was brief but I am certain that this is the right call.

Sayonara, campadres- not that there is actually anyone there. And if you do happen to come by the site in your travels, thank you for visiting. It is still much appreciated.



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