Fall 2017 Season Round-up



The Fall season is finally drawing to a close and with it we bid farewell to another wonderful year of anime. The Fall season, in my humble opinion has possibly been the standout season when it comes to the amount of quality shows on offer this year and we are going to have a look at what shows stood out and what shows missed the mark as well as a couple of shows that are so bad they don’t even warrant being called anime.

The Cream of the Crop (Near perfection)

Osake wa Fuufuu Ni Natte Kara 100

Every week, I waited patiently, watched all the other available shows, had dinner, studied a bit and just before turning in for the night- I would sit down for 3 minutes and watch Osake. It does not have a gripping story or any sort of drama and merely focuses on a female company worker and her stay at home husband and their relationship between each other as well as the cocktails that they drink. This show is the definition of perfection for a slice of life fan like myself and left me with a warm feeling that everything was going to be okay after each episode. Chi is one of the cutest characters from any anime I have seen and her husband Sora is legitimately the nicest person ever. Their relationship is so endearing that I have actually ordered the manga from the Japanese Amazon just to get my fix- I am 2 volumes in as of today and I am grinning the whole time I am reading it. I am devastated that this show has finished and the world without Osake is a much sadder place.

I want a pet Chi…


Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou 99

This show is almost perfect. A blend of slice of life and mystery creates an intriguing, seemingly post apocalyptic world. The show focuses is on Chii and Yuu and their journey across the almost abandoned world in their little tank. Along the journey, they discover a great deal of things from music to fish and show the joy in the little things that we real life people take for granted. There is a slightly melancholic undertone to the show as you cannot escape the fact that their world is seemingly doomed but you cannot help but feel unbridled joy at their shenanigans and general every day life. The show does get slightly more serious near the end but never loses the sense of joy and discovery that it had through the entire of its run and was always endearing and inspiring. The art style is unique and is one I would like to see more of- it is superb. I could write 1000’s of words on this show. But I won’t- just watch it.

Puffy gold. I kinda wish my face did that in the bath…

Mahou Tsukai no Yome (Cour 1) 98

A truly beautiful, heartwarming show. The world building is superb and each character has been engrossing to watch. We may have only just finished the first cour but have already consistently seen Chise grow as a character in her relationship with Elias as she becomes more accepting and immersed in the ever expanding world around her. All characters, protagonists or otherwise, have their own story and the strong writing makes you care about where it goes- whether it Elias’s endeavour to understand what it means to be human or Silky’s stoic commitment to looking after the new makeshift family. The music is always fitting and is truly incredible; elevating this show even higher than its well written story does initially. The show is visually stunning, sounds amazing and if the second cour can at least match the first half then we are in for one hell of a ride.

Imagine if Ruth (Right) was doing the moonwalk…

Shokugeki no Soma S3 (Cour 1) 97

The season continues on from where the OVA and Season 2 left off- taking the story away from the Stagaire arc; introducing the elite ten and a new villain to the series. The show has always been about the food porn but now; as the story is progressing- the show is becoming something deeper and was one of two shows I was rushing home for on a Tuesday. Shokugeki no Soma continues to surprise me everytime I see it; as it has been a while since I last read the manga and the ever deepening story that goes along with the beautiful food visuals makes this engrossing and exciting to watch. Despite this, the animation is sometimes lazy and the characters sometimes don’t look quite as good as they possibly could. The show is still great fun despite the animation and the story- even if I know what happens continues to excite me- it is just a shame we have to wait a couple of months for the continuation.

Join us…. JOIN US! Kihihihi!

Himouto Umaru Chan S2 97

Season one was okay. Season two has cranked things up a notch. Himouto Umaru Chan has taken the good parts of season one ( The cast, some of the humour) and included them with some actual character development (instead of the same repeated joke) and the show has reaped the rewards. Each episode features 3 or 4 scenes and more often than not they strike the perfect balance between being cute, being funny and leading on a loose, everyday story-line. The show is superb and even when they went through the occasional blip, you always had possibly the greatest anime ending song of all time to look forward to.

Adorable- Ebina is mine.

Houseki no Kuni 95

The biggest surprise of the season for me. The show came completely out of left field and whilst I enjoyed the first couple of episodes, it soon cranked the intensity up to 11 with some smart character development and an intriguing mystery for good measure. The show consistently hits the right balance between drama, tragedy and comedy- which is not easy to do; and I found myself waiting for the show to air; which is something I don’t generally do. The story continually ploughs forward and it is testament to the writing that this never feels forced or rushed in any way. The show also makes astounding use of CG and is the best usage of it to date- a truly beautiful looking show to watch.  The development of Phos as a character is nothing less than astounding and I will be following the manga when ever it is released. If any show this season truly deserves a sequel, this is it.

Character after trauma- does a Britney and gets rid of her hair. Nice, learn from the best.

The Great ( Excellent )

Konohana Kitan 94

I must admit after three episodes, I didn’t really get this show. I found it to be slightly, for lack of a better word, dull. Now after the season has finished, I have grown to love Konohana Kitan and all of the characters who dwell in their world. The majesty of this show was in the subtle lessons it taught and conveyed throughout the run- consistently developing the characters despite the lack of an ongoing story. The episodic format of the show allows it freedom to address multiple different topics and almost everytime the subject hit the mark; be it comedy or something slightly heavier. I have a deep love for chibi art style so the mix of this and standard animation suits my tastes to a tee and also comfortably fits the tone of the show. But, despite the diverse, engaging cast, the show seems to rely on the main character Yuzu slightly too much for my liking. This in addition to the occasional blip when it comes to an episodes plot means that Konohana Kitan is not a perfect story but it is still a damn good watch.

I would kill. No-one touches my food.

March Comes Like a Lion S2/ 3 Gatsu no Lion (Cour 1) 92

A show about shogi did not immediately catch my eye but after 3 or 4 episodes I was hooked on season 1. Season 2 begins where we left off and has upped its game considerably. The same level of detailed storytelling is there- with nothing left out from the source material; that I have noted anyway. The show consistently toys with your emotions and forces you to empathise with them as they suffer from problems that we regularly see in the everyday world. The bullying arc has been magnificent and was one of the greatest arcs I have ever seen in an anime- from an emotional perspective. It is a shame that by nature, this beast will have some slower episodes simply due to how the show is adapted. That being said, these episodes are never bad but just don’t reach the highs that the full on emotional episodes do. The mix of this emotional storytelling, some serious shogi and some much needed light hearted humour complemented by an excellent art style, makes 3 Gatsu no Lion a true joy to watch. If the the second cour keeps up this momentum this could quite easily be one of the best shows I have ever seen- if the slower filler like episodes are streamlined.

I cried. So much.


Love Live Sunshine 90

The trick to enjoying Love Live is to not take it too seriously. The show is silly and a lot of the things that happen are so cliche, unrealistic and slapstick that sometimes you sit there questioning who the hell came up with this- poor Ruby is always standing in the same pose; her poor elbows. Regardless, if you can look past this, you find a show that will consistently make you laugh whilst subtly injecting spells of decent character development, culminating in an entertaining, slightly melancholic. In fact, as the show approached its conclusion I found myself tearing up at the end of each episode and I am dreading the waterworks to come on Saturday when the finale comes. The show, just like its predecessors connects you with likeable characters and entertaining if not slightly predictable mock-drama.

Eat your oranges on a roller coaster through an orchard.. yep, I don’t get it either.

Net Juu no Susume 87

This show is light hearted fun. We focus in on Morioka and her newly decided upon NEET life- giving up her job to engross herself in the online world. The drama involved in the story is not overly heavy and is easy viewing. The production values are good- with the art standing out in particular contrast between the real world and the game world. The characters are extremely relatable and the protagonist Morioka will hit home with a great many people. Her development with Sakurai, the male protagonist, is extremely cute and the jokes are more hit than miss. As a player of MMO’s I was comfortable with the subject matter but the show also makes sure to explain any terms that could exclude people less in the know. It is a shame that Net Juu was only ten episodes long (+ an obligatory OVA) as I could have easily watched another cour of this without any complaints.

Personal experience- life.

Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho Bitch Ga Ken 83

This show is like marmite- some will love the crude one liners whereas others will find them repulsive, cruse and turn the show off in disgust. Having read the manga, I was fully aware what I was getting in to and was not disappointed. The shows two main characters and their relationship is consistently funny and the extended cast is engaging more often than not. Basically, if you like sex jokes you will like this show. There are far more good scenes than bad and the show, if you were a fan of Seitokai Yakuindomo and shows of the same ilk, this show is fairly similar; if not quite at that level.

If only this were a hentai…

Itsudatte Bokura no Koi wa 10cm Datta 82

A late addition to the season- starting in early December and only having a six episode run. While not completely finished at the time of writing, this show fills an area of the market that has been almost completely bare this year; shoujo anime. The only other bona-fide shoujo anime this year were Fukumenkei Noise and Bokura no Koi wa 10cm Datta is leaps and bounds above that- and Tsuki ga Kirei and whilst probably not on the same level as that, 10cm is a truly fine show. It includes some beautiful visuals, a relatable if not slightly convenient story and accurately portrays the difficulty in taking a relationship between friends that one step further. Despite the short series run, this show is definitely worth a pick up for romance fans and for the oft forgotten shoujo fans as well.

Don’t you love it when the title is in the show?

Just Because 80

Coming in the same year as the wonderful original romance anime Tsuki ga KireiJust Because had very big boots to fill; with comparisons between the two inevitable. Despite the different natures of the two shows they do have one large common point; both shows are superb. Just Because focuses on character driven drama and accurately portrays the worries and anxieties of those who are in their final term of high school; dealing with the stress of deciding their own futures whilst using this last chance to convey their feelings to one another. Just Because and the romance aspect of the story grips you with its quiet, unassuming charm and draws you in to their world and the characters struggles. Some episodes do overstay their welcome and can end up mundane but on the whole Just Because is very good and one that romance fans in particular will appreciate.

Emotional show- surprisingly difficult to find a decent screenshot. I mean, she looks like she is backing away from a stalker… Ha.

BlendS 80

A charming slice of life comedy set in a theme cafe. The characters are endearing and despite the odd episodic blip- and a character who the show could quite easily manage without, the show consistently entertains with its mix of zany characters and slapstick style humour. The show does go through the odd predictable spell and actually overstayed its welcome with me by the end but, on the whole, there are more pros than cons so it is still worth watching- just don’t binge watch it or you may end up let down!

Typical joke- wonderful breasts.

Inuyashiki 78

The definition of a hit and miss show. Some episodes and story lines were masterpieces with others being average and some even dull. The animation is clean and crisp and the character designs are well drawn; with a clear distinction between the two main characters. Mr Inuyashiki is the star; the hero so to speak and this is shown with the episodes were he is not the main focal point not hitting quite the same highs as ones where he is the main focus. The gangster episode in particular is among one of the best episodes of the season for me. It is a shame that Shishigami (the other main character) has been almost poorly developed. He initially comes across as a psychopath but this is not consistent- with him being almost too normal at times to make him endearing. In addition, breaking him and separating him from his loved ones twice was excessive and felt like it was needlessly stretching the story further than it needed to be. Essentially, they created him to be lost but I think they took it too far and made his character almost unbelievable. The show ended on a bitter note but the ending was fitting for a show that so nearly reached the stars but just fell that little bit short.

There is a scene where the gangster makes another gangster suck him off. I couldn’t put that here so have a naked old man fighting him instead.

The Good ( More good than bad)

Ballroom e Youkoso (Whole Show Average 86/ 2nd Cour Average 78)

This show could have been so much more. The first cour was superb and unlike many others I was not put off by the character designs and found the main characters struggles to be both interesting an relatable; with confidence issues nothing to sniff at. However, I find his new partner Chi to be completely un-relatable and despite some redeeming features near the end of the show; she essentially sabotages any chances this had of being my AOTY. The show is still good and some episodes were as good as the ones in the first cour but on the whole, the story quality decreased, the plot stagnated and made little sense at times and some of the character decisions were bizarre; with Hyodo and Sengoku being my definition of arseholes and yet still Tatara treats them like gods. I enjoyed Ballroom but I am just disappointed because I know that it could have been just that much better.

How the show made me feel in the final 10 episodes.

Idolmaster Side M 77

The Idol Master series has been adapted to anime multiple times but this times it is the boys time to shine- and they have. The show has taken everything that was good about the previous series’ of Idol Master, changed the characters from female idols into male idols and set them off down the river. This isn’t entirely true as the incorporation of older characters into the story as idols who are just starting out is interesting and the show consistently delivers humour in a more natural way than its predecessors. For an idol show however, there is a distinct lack of music or in my opinion, no particularly good music but the shows strong cast somewhat makes up for this shortcoming and is still entertaining. See that girls, the boys can do it too! Yay…

Idoltastic!… What, I was running out of humour.

Boruto (Whole Show Average 76/ 3rd Cour Average 85)

It took until the end of the second cour for it to truly hit its stride but the Boruto anime is now in full flight. Moving on from the adaption of the manga epilogue, we move back into Anime original territory and a trip to the Land of Water. Boruto and friends are embroiled in a mini-uprising and, for the first time in the series run- I was reminded of the original series and what made it so special. The arc ends fairly straightforwardly and the introduction of Kakashi following this is a good nostalgia trip for fans whilst still adding something new to the old formula. Some episodes still feel like padding and bring the show back down to earth but on the whole Boruto provides gripping action and typical shounen shenanigans and has become a show I can’t wait to watch on a Wednesday- despite the occasional dud. Roll on the next cour and lets hope it doesn’t take its foot off the gas!

Typical Naruto fight scene- except with his son.

Black Clover (Cour 1) 76

I really like the Black Clover manga but unfortunately this adaption has not set the world alight. Yes, the show has had some moments of magic (did you like the completely intentional pun- because the shows about becoming the Wizard King- hilarious) due to the standard of the source material but the glacial pacing more than anything else has affected the shows success. I am a fan of adaptions that try and cram in as much source material as possible but I believe Black Clover may have taken this a step to far- after 13 episodes we have barely even scratched the surface of the story. With so much potential left in this, it is too premature to write this off as a poor adaption. The show needs to grow, stretch its legs and pick up the pace in order to stop itself from being a disappointment or this could plummet like an out of gas broomstick.

Better as a picture; the voice is ear-breakingly loud.

Imouto Sae Ireba ii 76

Hear me out. Get past the first 5 minutes- which is possibly the worst scene I have ever seen in an anime ever. This may be intentional but the creators took a bloody huge risk putting a hardcore sis-con scene right at the start of a brand new show. Fortunately, the rest of the show deviates and focuses on an author with a little sister fetish and his everyday life. The show has little spots of drama but it is the comedy that strikes the right tone more often than not that raises the show up. The emotional depth that this show has is surprising and it usually mixes the comedy and the drama well- with the sort-of love triangle between Itsuki, Nayu and Miyako causing me to tear up on occasion due to the relatability of loving the same person as your best friend- and in Miyako’s case, not having a chance in Hell. I actually want to read more of the story and I am planning on buying the light novel when my Japanese improves a bit more. Barring the odd uncomfortable moment, the show is on the whole enjoyable to watch- as long as you can look past the occasional tasteless joke.

Why have I never been asked this question?

The Middle of the Road( Some good/ Some Bad)

Mahoujin GuruGuru 2017 (Cour 2)  ( Whole Show Average 74/ 2nd Cour Average 71

)For me, the first cour was the sleeper hit of the summer season so I actually surprised myself putting Mahoujin Guru Guru 2017 so low on this list. Having never watched the original series, this was my first outing into the show and I found the first cour to be a consistently funny, well paced parody of old JRPG video games but in the second cour it struggled to continue on the shows upward trajectory due to some rushed pacing (which to be fair, they joked about in the show), uninteresting story content and the jokes beginning to wear thin. Basically, the show just plateaued out and found its level. I found myself laughing at the second cour remarkably less than in the first and, while by no means bad, Mahoujin doesn’t really hit the heights of the first cour.

The one band Simon Cowell is yet to try out.

Animegataris 68

The best comparison here I can get is the Winter 2017 anime Akiba’s Trip. This show is completely random and although never being excellent, Animegataris is regularly funny despite the occasional poor episode or joke. The show borders on ridiculous a lot of the time and most of the time this leads to good humorous situations- with the summer camp episode being the only really disappointment. The use of a lot of obscure humour and a completely over the top parody plot will isolate some viewers but most episodes use this effectively- episode 11 being near perfect and the ending episode being on the same level. Its matter of fact parody humour won’t be for everyone but I did find it growing on me as the show wore on- with one character simply being used for fanservice and old anime references (Yuicching for crying out loud). I didn’t really appreciate the show until near the end but whilst not being an excellent show- it was always entertaining to watch and Animegataris was definitely a unique experience; especially towards the finale.

Who cares about the fourth wall….Madoka reference

Urahara 63

Urahara is an odd beast. A show with a unique likeable art style that sometimes is extremely entertaining but at others is dull, poorly written and just downright bad. The story is okay and does draw you into the fantasy Harajuku that has been created, the art is of an overall high quality- heck, it is stunning and the bond between the three main characters and the way they gel with one another is entertaining to see.  However, the story itself is absurd. It can be forgiven for being absurd if done correctly but the evil Tempura Prawn and the rest of their alien race never seem to connect with me as proper antagonists. There is no doubt about how the story will turn out and I could predict every twist and turn coming in the story. This doesn’t make this a bad show by any means and I would imagine slightly younger viewers would love it but, unfortunately, I can’t warrant putting it any higher on the list as I never truly felt ‘in to’ or connected to Urahara past the first episode.

Beautiful but little substance.

The Flawed (Shows with potential that don’t fulfil it- more bad than good)

Kino no Tabi 2017 60

For a show that I had heard so much good about ( the original series), the 2017 remake/ sequel/ rehash is nothing but a disappointment. From what I have seen, they have condensed the fans 12 favourite stories from the original series/ original source and given each an episode each. For some episodes, like Kino’s backstory, this works well and it is a rare high point. But, the majority of the episodes are left lacking and are in need of a little more depth so you can truly understand the characters and why they are acting the way they are. I can see potential in the show and if someday I watch the original series or pick up the books, I would imagine myself enjoying them. I just couldn’t connect to the show and found it to be average at best- only finding itself in the flawed section due to my betrayed expectations.

Dull- it took me until the backstory to work out the character was female.

Youkai Apartment no Youga wa Nichijou (Whole Show Average 70/ 2nd Cour Average 60)

What went wrong, man. Cour 1 was one of the biggest surprises of the summer season as I thoroughly enjoyed watching Yuushi grow and settle into his role as a wizard in the Youkai apartment. The greatest disappointment here is the lack of real energy that seems to be put into the show. It seems content to try and be deep and meaningful and portray important life lessons but its execution is completely lacklustre. For example, a girl is forced by her friends to steal and Yuushi helps her stand up to them. Instead of this turning out well or otherwise, it ends with Yuushi blowing the girls up (not killing them of course, this is a family show). And from this the girl says she understands and will now think for herself. It’s like going from A to B with a detour to crazy. The show has its moments in the second cour but mostly, it conks out tamely and is hugely disappointing for a show I was enjoying so much early on.

Well everybody was Kung-fu fighting.. DADADADADADA DA DA DA! Uhm…

Code Realize 58

A strong start quickly peters out and sends this shows initially interesting concept into middle of the road territory. While never being outright dross, this show never stretches further than it can reach. The story itself is interesting but the majority of the buildup is rushed- understandable due to time constraints but it did take me out of the story slightly. The characters are based on famous figures and are interesting enough; with  Finis being an interesting psychopathic villain and Cardia’s development throughout the course of show being interesting enough. The show is not bad but I never felt fully engrossed in the universe for one reason or another- the show is okay. But that’s all it is; it will be for some people more than others but with so many other quality shows this season it just seems to get washed away with the tide.

Romeo and Juliet…just not as interesting.

Classicaloid Season 2 56

Classicaloid is an interesting beast and an acquired taste. The premise is good and having enjoyed season 1, I came into this with a little optimism that the show might move forward and continue being its wonderful eclectic mix of classical music, modern music and comedy. Unfortunately, the introduction of a new character: Wagner (or Wa-kun as he is referred), actually affects the balance of the show and the drama that is created by this is not endearing or even that interesting to watch. He does eventually evolve into a decent antagonist sort of role but the time it took for the most obvious things to happen meant despite the execution, it was too late for the impact to really hit. The main problem with this season is that all the good things it does are balanced or cancelled out by the bad things it does; such as following a long build up section for a fart joke- a fart joke that is completely out of place might I add. The shows episodic format still provides some gems and near the end of the first cour it does pick up slightly but unless you sat through Season 1 and are still willing to sit through the poorer episodes, I couldn’t really recommend this to you- lets hope the second cour can inject a bit of life into this quickly deteriorating machine.

Every celebrity ever…

Juuni Taisen 53

Wasted potential. The show’s initially interesting battle royale premise and decent character backstories fall foul of poor, predictable storytelling (not helped by the fact that the ending showed the order in which the characters died) and a confusing ending that leaves you feeling betrayed and that the first 10 or so episodes has gone to waste. Even when the final episode seemed to be building to a fairly nice conclusion, the final 3 or so minutes let it down and made the episode feel completely redundant. The show wasn’t working with much in terms of source material and has done okay in that sense and is not visually unappealing but the story mishaps completely throw the balance of the show and make the show something I could not wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

This is why I don’t have a pet rabbit…

Shoukoku no Altair (Whole Show Average 61/ 2nd Cour Average 52)

I have no idea about this show. The premise is good and so is the animation. So why do I feel so utterly disconnected and bored when watching? I find Mahmut incredibly dull and some of the lessons he is taught, don’t actually make that much sense under scrutiny. The show puzzles me as he gains followers by doing very little and, despite not having read the source material (and there is plenty), the shows pacing seems to increase rapidly near the end leaving the story both unfinished and unfleshed out. The early world building was good but I felt some of it has been rushed for this adaption which is a shame because this show- or the source at least, is obviously fairly popular in Japan and does have a following. I will try reading the source material one day and I will see what will be but as for the anime- I am so glad it is over.

So was I…

Tsuki Pro 51

Of the three male idol shows this season, TsukiPro is a solid number two. The show is very standard stuff seen before time and time again albeit with different characters. The loose over arching story line features various idol groups working for the same label preparing for a group concert at the Budokan but the show tends to focus on the group dynamics and the idols individual relationships. The characters are likeable enough but, the fact that I cannot name any of them, shows that they are not particularly memorable. I watched the show each week, never really disliking an episode but never finding myself engrossed in it. The show will interest a very particular audience and is okay for what it is- does what it says on the tin; but is by no means a must see.

Pretty boy overload

Infini-T Force 48

A bizarre show that I am torn about. The CG in the show is very, very good, the music is top class and the voice acting is also top quality. However, the story is hit and miss. When you bring characters from a lot of different franchises together, you are always taking a risk and that risk sometimes does not pay dividends. The main character and her journey is likeable but the relationship and plot between her and the main antagonist- her own father, is never really engaging or warrants the wanton destruction that this plot thread creates. The characterisation is okay but it can be little sparse in places leaving you wanting details that are not obvious if you are not a fan of the shows the characters originally stem from. The show is a mixed bag and for fans of any of the heroes, I would recommend this but it should probably not be at the top of your list.

I will be your hero baby…

The Ugly (Trash- not worth watching or thinking about- ever)

Two Car 47

A show that I was looking forward to due to its unique subject matter that I leave feeling nothing but disappointed. The show constantly seems to struggle to find new content, repeating the same plot points over and over again- with the introduction video in episode one being all but repeated later on in the series adding nothing to the series and all but wasting an episode. The show focuses on the characters- in particular, the pairs that share the sidecars with each other in the show. Unfortunately, despite one exceptional comic relief pair, the characters relationships are never particularly interesting with two and a bit episodes wasted on bringing a character out of their shell only to remove all of this development in under a minute. And then that actually happens again with another pair- development resulting in no change. Two Car’s main twosome are slightly more likeable and some episodes are okay but the show never really comes together. The racing itself is ridiculous with the creators themselves seemingly never having actually seen a car race- let alone sidecar. If you want to go faster, you cant just wish to go faster and magically drive past the whole field! The final arc does seem slightly more convincing at first and offers a chance for the main characters to develop but it then drives itself off a cliff with one of the worst final episodes I have ever seen. Who stops in the middle of a race and has a fight!? Then, they go on and win the damn race. The show is a car crash and I am disgusted by how this show turned out.

Supposed to be about racing..

Sengoku Night Blood 34

Do not watch unless you are a big otome game fan- otherwise the paper thin plot, ikemen warlords and typical female lead will leave you feeling completely uninterested, unengaged and understandably bored. The show follows a girl transported from modern times to the Warring States Era of Japan and she becomes a crucial target for all the armies. Did I mention that for some reason they are now vampires who suck the MC’s blood for power. Each episode follows the same formula: MC meets new people, new people dislike MC, Fight, Kindness, new people now in love with MC; and repeat. The show lacks originality and never even really seems like it is trying. Massive letdown and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody; scrap what I said earlier, I don’t even thing otome fans will like this.


Dynamic Chord 27

Worst animation of the season and little to no story to mention. Immediately throws you in with barely an introduction and expects you to feel something for these characters you have just met. The characters are all carbon copies of one another and they are very tricky to tell apart- even their mopey, unlikable personalities are the same. The animation is so bad that it has actually become a sort of a fad on social networks to point out the massive failures the show makes; such as a cafe building on the middle of the road and just a terrible lack of any moving characters whatsoever. Oh yeah, the show is about music and that is really not worth mentioning past that as it is forgettable drivel that I found myself skipping through the music after 3 or 4 episodes. I would rather eat my dog than watch this again.

The many faces of one minor character- great article: https://kotaku.com/the-crappiest-looking-anime-of-this-fall-is-dynamic-1820634721 for more ‘dynamic’ fails.

Dies Irae 27

(written after the TV version finished not including Web ONA’s)

Garbage. This is up there with  the worst shows I have ever seen. This is nothing to do with the source material, which with all fairness seems fairly interesting but it is the absolutely pitiful execution that makes me sick. The show jumps from one tangent to the next without developing characters, explaining the story or making you feel any sort of connection to them whatsoever. Writing this, I can’t remember off hand the protagonists name. The story is typical, convoluted virtual novel drivel that if adapted well enough could be a passable, maybe even good watch. Anything about the Nazi’s is always risky but this show literally makes them into time travelling villains with the goal of destroying the world- which is slightly bizarre but the story is made almost unbearable and the characters unlikable mostly due to the lack of any coherent storytelling throughout the duration of the show. The show is terribly presented, animation is flaky and distracting and I can barely write what the show is about WHILE WATCHING THE SHOW meaning that to me, this is unwatchable and something I never want to think about ever again. Except I am a completionist and I know I will watch the ONA’s- I must be a masochist…


Thank you Captain Obvious.


Monster Hunter Stories Ride on Episodes 49-62

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll have not got the license for the rest of the series, so it could be a long wait on this one.

Kujira no Kora wa Sajao ni Utau

Again, waiting for license- Netflix will be releasing in the new year. It seems to be fairly well received but the SukaSuka vibes I get from it trouble me and I will go in to the show cautious at best.


Biggest Surprise: Houseki no Kuni

Best Story: Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Best Character: Yuu (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou)

Best Waifu: Ebina (Himouto Umaru Chan)

Best Short: Osake wa Fuufuu ni Natte Kara

Biggest Disappointment: Ballroom e Youkoso (Cour 2)

Best Villain: The bullies from 3 Gatsu no Lion S2 (3 Gatsu no Lion S2)

Worst Character: Anyone from Dynamic Chord or Dies Irae- they all suck balls.

Worst Episode: Two Car Episode 12- Utter, stinking garbage.

The Fall 2017 was superb and despite four shows failing dramatically, the majority of shows were enjoyable and 5 or 6 were truly outstanding. This has probably been the best season I have viewed ‘live’ and, well, if Winter 2018 is anything like this we are in for a treat. But for now, until next time, ahoy compadres.





Some say that he gained superpowers by eating somebodies hair and that, as a child he was forced to join a Light Music Club. There is no proof for these statements.

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