How I fell in love with anime!

Hello dear reader(s), today I think I will discuss how I myself became invested in the joyous, irritating, wonderful world of anime. Picture this, a teenage boy attending college, with nary a hobby to his name when his tall, South Korean friend tells him: ” Oi, you should watch One Piece.” So I did, and I didn’t get it. I didn’t get anime at all and it was not until 6 months later and I had finished my exams that I went back to it- he told me to get a few episodes in so I did- and I was hooked. I initially watched the Funimation dub before after a long time switching over the subbed version and never once looked back.

However, at this point, that was it. Heck, I didn’t actually know One Piece was an anime until a good year after I had first seen the show! And then, as a lonely, college graduated, not at university, shop worker- I went on a dating site. Nothing on there went well- I mean I met 4 people and 3 of them regularly cut themselves (genuine nutters) and the other has since shaved their head- but the point here, is that the now bald girl, recommended some shows to me. And, as I wanted to get into her pants, I watched them. First Naruto, then Fairy Tail, then Kimi no Todoke, Say I Love you and the list goes on from there and my love affair with anime blossoms. ( As a side note, I got so into watching the shows, it was actually 4 months before I contacted her again- I never got into those panties.)

From there, I looked at more modern shows and watched a show called Absolute Duo– a show that looking back now, is not particularly good. However, this was my first step outside of either battle shounen anime or shoujo romance anime and it was a choice I am glad I made as it completely broadened my horizons- tempting me to dip into various genres with an open mind and now, there is rarely a show I hate and, to this day, I have never dropped a show. A few came very close, mind.

This has opened up a whole new world to me and I now own over 400 volumes of manga, regularly watch as much anime as possible and have been learning Japanese since January 2017. Anime has completely changed my outlook on life and has given me a dream.  So there we have it- how did you get into anime? Let me know what you think in the comments below and from me, peace out.



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