Not Winter 2018 Anime Previews

Right, I was torn on whether to do anime previews or not but after a couple of days and a couple of drafts, I have decided against it- for this season at least. Until I can come up with something actually worth writing, I will give this a miss due to the amount of information out there already on sites like Anichart, Anime Now, Anime News Network, Myanimelist etc. that I would be wasting my time repeating the same summary, the same PV’s etc. with just my opinion added. And, to be fair, I can’t give a proper opinion until I have seen the show as a PV aint much to go on.

Instead, please watch out for the upcoming reviews for as many shows as I can possible watch- looking like somewhere between 25 and 35 shows dependent on what will be streaming where of course… I am only human and will do what I can.
Look forward to the updates and many pleasant tomorrows to you all.





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