Worst Anime of the Year 2017

Wherever good lies, evil lurks below the surface. Unfortunately, in year with a large number of great anime comes a number of very poor shows that fail in whatever they endeavour to do.

10.Two Car 48

I was so looking forward to this show and I was absolutely gutted about how badly it has turned out. I actually wasn’t going to put this on the list until I saw the last episode and it wound me up so much that I had to put it on. The show focuses on side-car racing and as this is a very unsaturated topic for anime, the world was their oyster. And the creators have squandered this chance. They opted for cheap character drama over racing whilst repeating content, repeating jokes and consistently stalling any character development before ignoring the development not five minutes later. The racing itself is absurd- saying you want to go faster somehow gives you an extra 50 kph over every other car in the race- at least try and make it believable. The final episode, where in the middle of the race our two main characters: Yuri and Megumi decide to stop for a chat under the most convenient safety car in the world, have a punch up, make-up, catch up to the pack just in time for the race to restart and then somehow travel so much faster than everyone else that they win- with an injury no less. This is nothing less than stupid and ended the show on the lowest possible note. Even the silver lining that the two main characters had made up after their crush on their coach had reached its end lasted until the final five minutes where this was again stupidly discarded as the coach’s fiance broke up with him- for no real reason at all. The last episode made little sense and actually undid almost all of the good work that the show had actually achieved (which was not much to start with but it looked okay and some episodes weren’t complete blowouts- with Hitomi and Mao being the only really entertaining characters in the show at all) . Not a car crash but damn close.

You don;t see this in F1…

9.Gin No Guardian 48

Well this show wasn’t all bad but it 100% suffered from its 12 minute run time. The show focuses on Suigin and his love for a girl he believes to be out of his reach. Of course, this is never the case and in this case she is actually his adopted sister. Suigin has to save his new sister from a game his father created where she holds an extremely valuable piece of data. The show is convoluted and often dull but I do believe that with the right amount of time and a decent team behind it, this show could have actually been half decent. The animation is rarely good however. The pacing as well seems disjointed- taking 4-5 episodes to reach the actual start of the story where it could have been reached in one.  It has been slated for a sequel by its Chinese parent company so if it does improve on its execution, this show can definitely move up- as long as the animation improves and it dodges the pitfalls it has fallen for during Season 1.

Captain Underpants- the anime.

8.Marginal 4 Kiss Tsukuru Big Bang 43

Boring, bland and incredibly dull. Without looking it up, I cannot tell you anything about this forgettable experience other than that I think one character had green hair. I think… The show as never outright offensive or unwatchable-it was just that nothing happened at all. AT ALL- I am a slice of life fan and I can say that if the people in the show are idols; they have extremely workaday lives. The show goes through all the typical tropes you would expect to find in a show like this as leans on the characters appeal- too bad they have none. The animation is good and the songs aren’t terrible but there is nothing here that warrants sitting through one twenty two minute episode- let alone twelve of them…

The magic underpants are far too overused…

7.Nora to Oujo No Noraneko Heart 41

Yes, it is a short but that is no excuse for a terrible show. There is little animation which would not be an issue had the show actually tried with a story or the comedy aspect but it doesn’t. It throws you in expecting you to know the characters and how they relate to one another and starts telling very cheesy jokes. The main reason it is here however is episode 6. There is no animation; just a goat video with some dubbing- nonsensical dubbing. This show doesn’t have much going for it bar the occasional joke that made me crack a smile but I was happy to see the end of this show; it made 3 minutes feel like 40.

It is an anime I promise!

6.Musekinin Galaxy Tylor 38

A show whose parent is well loved where as its young child spinoff has been beaten half to death. I have never watched the original Tylor but had only heard good things about it. Imagine my shock at the lump of rubbish I discovered. The shows art style is not my cup of tea- I would call it hideous and the story seems to be convoluted and pointless. I understand that this is meant to be a gag parody of a well loved show from the past; to entertain past fans- but that way this show is set up, it cannot even manage that. It is consistently unfunny throughout its run and the only time the show recovered slightly was when it was simply recapping the original anime and steering clear of the gag nonsense the rest of the season held. I like gag/ parody shows but this one is one to steer well clear of.

Tylor has no character and an annoying voice. No joke here- just an insult.

5. Sengoku Night Blood 35

This show is dull and takes a normal isekai/ otome game setting and poorly executes everything in sight. The animation itself is possibly the only saving grace for the show- being passable most of the time. The story however is incredibly predictable and the main character so void of any personality that I actually didn’t care at all what was happening to her; I just wanted this odd mix of vampires and the Warring States to end and thankfully- it has. Even hardcore otome fans will struggle to find something to love in this mess.

Still Creepy…

4.Vatican Kiseki Chousakan 34

Convoluted utter drivel. The first couple of episodes where passably average but then the show does a swift 180 and finds itself sunk into cult crap territory. The show decides to- out of nowhere I may add, create a characters backstory to be a lovechild of Hitler; with the aim of gaining revenge on society. The show does not recover from this and is consistently stupid and boring- with the main characters literally talking from start to end most episodes; with almost no action or anything of note. If these characters had something worth listening to it would be different; think back to that one episode of Re:Zero that pulled this idea off spectacularly- but this show is so far from this that it hurts. Vatican Kiseki Chousakan is awful and should only ever be watched if people want to see how not to make an anime.

Bad, senseless and dull.

3. NTR Trap 33

Smut; and not good, sexy smut. The show takes the interesting concept of a lesbian relationship and essentially hits it with a bus. It consistently shows unrealistic and illogical behaviour from its characters, Our main character Yuma is trying to come to terms with the fact she loves her best friend while she is dating a boy. When her friend kisses her, the story progresses…never. This is literally all there is for 12 episodes. Yuma’s friend/ love interest Hotaru is such trash that she makes the show inherently unlikable before we even talk about her boyfriend/ sexfriend/ abuser/ asshole Fujiwara. Takeda is supposed to be the good guy in this orgy but is in the end just a naive doormat. The show flounders about without ever really moving forward until one day during a beating, Yuma storms in and says stop- so he stops- and they lived happily ever after. Like that would happen- this show makes me sick and if not for the appealing visuals, this would have been WOATY by a landslide. It kinda shows how bad the next two are, doesn’t it…

Scum of the year.

2.Dynamic Chord 27

Terrible Animation. Little to no story. Little to no character movement or development. Following a group of moody idols from place to place would be bad enough but we are luck enough to see a whole studio of moody idols bumming about and acting all depressed. Episode One for goodness sake tries to make us feel bad about a character going missing. At this point, we had not met this character and knew nothing AT ALL about him. And unfortunately, it only gets worse. The animation and general art is abysmal- with it becoming a bit of a thing on Twitter to post the mistakes the show made ( cafe on the sidewalk being my favourite). The music is poor which is never good when the show is about fricking singing and the music video sections are incredibly lazily animated that it was a chore to watch one through. The voice acting itself was passable but saying that is like putting make up on a pig. The show is dull, poorly animated and not worth watching. There are a lot of good idol anime out there; go watch one of them and walk straight past this dynamic failure.

Dude, I can’t even tell the songs apart…

1. Dies Irae 27

This is no worse than Dynamic Chord but wins for one reason- this show had source material; fairly well liked source material and this show has taken that and ran it over with a dump truck. From start to finish, this show is a mess. I ended episode one not knowing what was going on and I ended Episode 11 the same (unfortunately I have 7 ONA episodes to look forward to). The show involves Nazi’s and while the story is convoluted, it is passable in the sense that I can see what they were aiming for. It just sucks that the execution itself makes the plot almost incomprehensible and I have had to look up so much from various sources just to get a brief idea of what is going on and what details have been missed out ( a lot I may add). The animation itself is passably good and actually looks quite good at times but what good is a pretty model if all she does is moo. This show is a giant steaming cow pat and I never want to see it again…………….I know I am going to watch the ONA’s……Damn, this sucks.

What I wished would happen while I was watching this trash. And yes, this is an actual scene…Sigh.

Dishonourable Mentions (Shows that disappointed but weren’t necessarily bad): Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? 57.  Shokoku no Altair 61. Sakurada Reset 65.  Kino no Tabi 2017 60.  Dive 54.  Rewrite S2 52.  One Room 53.  Warau Salesman New 54.  The Reflection 53. Konbini Kareshi 54. Battle Girls High School 53. *EDIT* only just started Hand Shakers and have yet to finish Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai but both would certainly be on the list somewhere- will edit this when I have finished the shows…*

Fall 2017 was a great season so it is almost surprising that 3 of my top 5 were from this season. On the whole, this year in anime has been very successful- with almost countless shows and only a handful of bad ones- I count a score of 5/10 or 50/100 to be average so if only 10 shows in a whole year score less than this, we have had it pretty nice. There was quite a few shows I considered for this list that I couldn’t really include as they weren’t bad- merely disappointing or average (such as Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka above). I have mentioned the shortlist and their scores above for reference. On the whole a good year despite a few stinkers and remember:

Peace out and here’s to a great 2018!






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